Thursday, July 4, 2013


Poppies - 2 1/2" x 3"  oil on wood blocks
Hovering skies of rainclouds today, I'm kind of hoping they open up for a while and water my garden! I did go around and water it late yesterday afternoon, but a good soak would help...I mean...if it's going to hover and be cloudy...might as well do the deed!  heh.
We're off to take in Ottawa Blues Fest on Saturday with Holly and Jeff, which I'm looking forward to; there's a whole line-up of performers at least a mile long. The Dixie Chicks play while we're there, funny, as I didn't think they did blues...but guess we'll find out.  Dave and Jeff love their music so all good!
I've been doing some flowers on the mini blocks...poppies, yesterday.  A little change from the landscapes... building my inventory for a couple of weekend artisan fairs; these little guys are popular at them.


  1. Love the poppies Sally!
    They look great on the wooden blocks!

  2. These poppy paintings are beautiful Sally! Considering you feel you have been suffering from procrastination lately, you've certainly created quite a lot of beautiful paintings lately.

    I hope the heavens opened up for you. I didn't think I'd still be hand watering in the garden this far in to winter, but alas I have been. However, we have just had a bit of very welcome rain over the past couple of days.

    I hope you enjoy the festival!

  3. hi Michael, thanks for your lovely comment!

  4. Thanks Wendy, yes its more procrastination for doing large ones that i have, the small ones seem less of a commitment. Poppies have such a decorative quality, dont you think.


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