Tuesday, November 26, 2013

balancing empty space with detail

I've recently made big changes to a painting that I initially thought I had completed a couple of weeks ago.   Took a big brush and some thick opaque paint and wiped out a whole for-ground that I had spent at least 2 weeks 'getting right'.  Turns out I didn't.  The problem was just 'way too much stuff', so that there was no where for the 'eye to rest'.  It was more a cutesy illustration than a painting really... actually made me uneasy just looking at it.  I kept feeling like if I could just get rid of the 'stuff' on the left side I'd be happier with it...cloud cover? Could that balance some of the detail with a little empty space?  Well, you can see the changes I've made so far...feeling better already:)


  1. Good for you Sally! Great work! I have done the same many times over the years! A few times I have even taken paintings off the wall and did more work on them!
    Keep on keeping on!

  2. Well Hallo Michael! Yes, I think all of us artists have rethinks about certain pieces after a while...no sense in settling for good enough, when one can possibly make it work better!

  3. Wow, what a brave move Sally! I had loved the original but I also love the changes you made. It is better to make that brave leap of faith otherwise you would always find it irritating.

  4. You're right about making a leap of faith...it's just a painting, right?! ha ha


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