Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday things

Such a nice break in the weather yesterday, the warmer temps beckoned me outside. Great day to attend the Fat Goose Craft Fair, held in Grant hall at Queens university.  That is "Purling J's Roving Yarn Co" red truck parked outside the door.   Such a cool idea for a business...Roving J's truck is a walk in yarn shop!  Did I tell you I am learning to knit socks? so excited about that!  I'm already working on the toe of my first one! Hopefully by the time I knit the second one I'll be a little quicker.
It was a joy to have a gander around the craft fair and take in the incredibly beautiful, innovative work of many local craftspeople.  I purchased several Christmas presents!

A great day too for outdoor jobs.  Dave got up on the ladder, replacing an 8 foot roof flashing strip that blew off in the high winds last week. yay Dave!  He also painted 2 adirondack chairs. oooh... time for me to get some jobs done too!  I removed the pumpkins from the garden and winterized my roses.  
Inside the delapidated old relic of a barn, I retrieved my stored easels. Did I tell you it's creepy in there? It is. I'm sure a million bats live there not to mention racoons and other critters of the shadows. It seemed a better place than the garage to store them  when I first put them in there, but they were pretty filthy when I got them outside, covered in cobwebs and who knows what else. A broom, spray cleaner,  long handled scrubber and I went to work. After a rinse and a stand to dry in the weak afternoon sunshine they are actually usable now.  
Here is one of them put to use holding a painting currently in progress;  one from the 'Ride' theme I began last year, which I know I'm not done with yet.  In a way having a theme or an idea to work through is kind of comforting; it eliminates the dreaded "What will I paint?" question. And it's interesting for me to see how the paintings develop through a theme.
the rest of the easels are now in my studio storage, which should make them way easier to retrieve when I need them for the open house at Marga's on Dec. 7th.  Here's the invite for that!  You're invited!


  1. Looks and sounds like a beautiful day! I love that painting - are those lilies??

  2. hello was lovely, and well appreciated. thanks for encouraging comment! the flowers will be tulips. the inspiration for the painting was a visit to Ottawa's tulip festival last year. the painting is still in progress, so it may change a bit before i'm done. have a great day.

  3. Your WIP is looking great Sally! I'm wildly impressed with your hand knitted socks!! At least you don't have to worry about coming across redback spiders or funnelwebs in your shed!!( we don't have funnelwebs here in the West THANK GOD!!!)
    I so enjoy all your posts Sally - always full of warmth and interest and above all - great art!!

  4. I love your painting of the tulips. Wow! and it isn't really finished yet. Hope to see it completed. I agree with you - I also enjoy having a series going. I have had one of bird nests going for about 4 years and still have not finished exploring its possibilities.
    happy sock making. Do you darn heels? I have a few needing it! I did learn in Girl Scouts but have forgotten how.

  5. hi Wendy! thanks for all your lovely compliments, it's so nice to have a blog friend like you. love your posts too.

  6. hi Julie, thanks and lovely to hear from you. I was able to resolve the tulip painting yesterday, so have reposted it this morning. Your birds nests paintings sound fun. I love your paintings.

  7. Love the painting and the post. I wish I lived closer to you -- you're like bright light, shining brightly even when you're grappling with bats and racoons. (I hope there are bats because all the bats in Nova Scotia have died from a virus and that's not good.)


    XOXOXOXO Barbara

  8. i wish we lived closer to Barbara. I know we'd be bosom buddies...ha ha ha. there are definately bats!


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