Sunday, April 19, 2015

studio work

30 x 36" oil on canvas
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And now for a change.  A little non representation today.  The studio got an overhall last night, I sorted through all the stuff in my vertical storage(i had crammed a whole lot of non art stuff in there too)  Sorting into piles of keep and dont keep.  A lot of old work, let's face it there is a ton of stuff we artists build up that has served it's purpose as a learning experience in life, and serves no further purpse now.  Hopefully wind speeds will settle down today, and we can have a bonfire to get ride of the 'no further uses' pile.  Yesterday it was super windy, so hopefully today will be better.

I'm NOT complaining...we are so fortunate to have sunshine this weekend and temps that are a little more seasonal!  The garden is calling me.  Today I will get at my roses and uncover them from their winter hibernation nest of leaves.  Yesterday a daffodil bloomed in my garden, that is something to celebrate...the first one!  yay!


  1. HI Sally! My pleasure to be the first to comment on this wonderful and so very different beautiful work! You are so very talented. Love all your work! So nice to see this different side of you! Keep them coming!
    Still nursing my injured shoulder. Missing making art!!!!! Argggghhh!
    (We are thinking of visiting Toronto in the fall! So psyched!!!!)

  2. Thank you Michael for your enthusiasm about this new and different work. It feels good to keep evolving and growing in different directions. I am sorry to hear that you have an injured shoulder...that explains to me why the gap in art from you! Must be frustrating, I hope it will heal soon and you will be able to resume your art activities soon. I hope you will enjoy Toronto. Fall is a good time to visit as the Pan Am games are on this summer, could be very crowded there then.


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