Monday, September 28, 2015

Foot Down, and Ready To Go

'Foot Down, and Ready to Go' - oil on linen - 18x14"- SOLD
I'm happy to post an image of my most recent painting commission, as the owners came by yesterday for the 'unveiling' and to pick it up. Happy to report they really liked it.  It was commissioned by a friend whom I hadn't seen in about 30 years, as a surprise gift for his partner.  I was delighted to oblige. Both of them are avid cyclists.  The painting was created from a supplied photo from their recent cross Canada bicycle tour.  It shows Helene checking the traffic in her mirror and about to push off on a highway climb through Ontario.  
Yesterday they were in Prince Edward county doing a 100km bicycle tour.  On their way home to Ottawa, they stopped in at my little porch gallery...although we kept the surprise, Helene did catch on that something was up when they made the detour to my place.  As soon as she saw the painting hanging in the gallery, it all became pretty obvious!  They both were happy with their new painting.and we enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a catch-up.


  1. Wonderful painting and wonderful story. So nice to meet happy clients! I so love the way you use color and atmosphere. Nice! Very nice!

    1. Michael, thank you! I hope your shoulder is improved and you are getting back into your own painting again. onwards and upwards! heh heh

  2. ​Sally

    It was a pleasure meeting you on Sunday and I want to thank you for your hospitality. I am having a difficult time finding the words to express how pleased I am with the outcome. To know that it was painted by a friend makes it that much more special. It will forever ​remind me of that wonderful adventure Daniel and I shared this summer.

    Thank you so very much!


    1. hi Helene, You are so very welcome, it was my pleasure! I'm glad you are pleased, and didn't feel too awkward with all the hush hush surrounding it's creation. It's a very special trip to remember, and a very impressive accomplishment! Happy bike riding, and planning your next big one. It was lovely to meet you, and to see Daniel after so many years.


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