Thursday, March 24, 2016

Plain air by the sea

 Posting this 9x12 plain air I did on Tuesday morning. When I began the mountains across the strait were visible, but after about half an hour the clouds formed over them blocking their peaks, so I went with that instead of my original intention. Truly the pleasure was in the experience.  No wind and sunshine with a high of about 14 degrees.
I have never been in Victoria in the spring before, it is gobsmacking to a girl from Ontario!! the blooms of hundreds of different varieties of flowering shrubs and bulbs turn my head in all directions.
 Above is Dave's mum's garden which greeted us on Sunday when we popped in for a visit. She is 85 and she does all the work herself! She is an amazing woman, and such an inspiration.
 I'm not sure what this purple flowering shrub was, but it caught my eye while out walking yesterday morning.
This painting is the little 9 x 12 panel that I worked on in the Ross Bay cemetery on Monday.  This cemetery holds the grave of Canada's beloved artist Emily Carr. I forgot to take a picture of it but will get one tomorrow.

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