Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Day today!

If you live in Canada, you will know the term SNOW DAY.  When you're a kid it can mean all kinds of wonderful things; not least among them, school is cancelled!  That's always cause for celebration.  My brothers and I would don our snow gear and trudge out into the wintery wonderland to play, building snow forts and snow men, sliding down any small slope in the neighbourhood and eating snow balls from our mittens...yep gross... i know, but all kids do it.  

It is SNOWING out here in the countryside near Elginburg today.  It snowed all night. We have not had a deep snowfall for a long time, so for me it was a treat to wake up to this morning.  "Snow day!" I thought, when i woke up and looked out my bedroom window.  Dave and i are both lucky that we dont have to be anywhere today. Because if you have to travel on snowy roads, it can be treacherous. The girls got home safely yesterday from Christmas when the roads were fine... all good.  Christmas for us is family time; games, food and sharingWe certainly got that in spades.  Here's Dave and Jane and Holly engrossed in a board game.  I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous new year! 
Christmas 2012 - fun and games



  1. Loved our Christmas this year@! We both had a great time, and were spoiled rotten. Really enjoyed playing games, Scattegories, and darts. Enjoy your snow day at home today...pretty trecherous trip into work today, but unfortunately hospitals dont close. Will just take my time getting home. Xoxo

  2. Hi Holly! Thanks for leaving me a note. Yes Christmas was lovely; thank you for all the wonderful surprises you and Jeff put together and treated us to. We enjoyed every moment. I was thinking of you riding the bus into work this morning, hoping all was well...hope the ride home will not be so treacherous! xoxo


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