Sunday, December 16, 2012

yuletide fun and Rome Nights painting

Rome Nights  - oil on canvas - 24" x 18"
Lots going on this weekend, but yesterday in the afternoon I worked on this painting in the sunshine in my studio.  It's a result of a trip to Rome this past September. I loved the evenings when it cooled off and we would wander through the old streets of antiquity.  Sampling the culinary delights was a big part of that experience.

Last night we attended a Christmas party with the group that my husband works for.  There must have been nearly 200 people dining, chatting and kicking up their heels in the spirit of the season.  Calian, (the company) put on a truly marvelous evening of festivity, in the style of good old fashioned Christmas cheer.  It's so good to see old friends and meet new ones too.  I wore my red dress, and had a great time...even got in a few dances with the old boy, which always makes my evening:)
Today we will drive to Ottawa and share a little Christmas with my dad and his partner Diana.  They are not able to get out much due to health issues.  We hope that an afternoon visit with them will brighten their holiday season a little.  My daughter Holly and Jeff will also meet us there. 


  1. Love love love!!! Feel like I was there!

  2. hee hee, thanks Holly. i love your comments.


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