Friday, May 2, 2014

Italian Rose

Got around to completing this piece today, it's an 18x24 oil that I had worked up from a smaller watercolour of a similar subject.  It felt good to resolve it; patience was on my side this morning:)  

Last week, I had notice that I'll be in the New Art Festival, an outdoor art festival taking place on June 21/22 in Central park of the Glebe, Ottawa.  That will be 2 art shows in the month of June for me.  I'm also doing Art Among the Ruins in Newburgh June 14.  But I like doing summer art shows, they're fun, if tiring.


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of art events that will be showcasing your art this summer Sally!

  2. Good on you Sally! Sounds like you're in hot demand! It must have felt great to resolve your painting. It looks great! I hope your Gallery at the Porch Door opening was a great success!

  3. Hi keith, a few things to be sure, but art is a big part of my life:)

  4. Ha ha ha Wendy...wouldn't exactly say hot demand! heh.heh. 2 of the galleries I have been showing in for years are closing this attempting to jump start other ways to show work:) Thanks for your comment. Thanks the gallery opening was a lovely afternoon despite the rain.


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