Monday, April 28, 2014

an upcoming retrospective and 4th season opening day

Grace Hall in Sydenham, just north of where I live, has become a bit of a gathering spot for local artists.  They have talks every so often, and display art too.  Bonnie Brooks asked me if I'd be interested in showing work with her there May 16 to July of course, I agreed!  I love Bonnie's work, she's a kindred art spirit. And I think our work will show well together.  The show is going to be a retrospective  variety, in that we are showing work from different era's of our art development. For Bonnie and I, that includes some watercolours from the 90's as well as other works from mid career to recent. We also said yes to doing a talk on May 31st, which will discuss the process's and evolution of our art. 
This week has been full of prep for opening my Gallery at the Porch Door for it's 4th summer season...Thurs May 1st is opening day.  I have a studio tour group booked to come visit on that day too, so it should be fun. There's cupcakes and iced tea for gallery visitors that day:)  You can see the groovy new shade of blue I painted the gallery door...I was aiming for duck egg blue, but its a little brighter than I had anticipated. no worries finding the door, that's for sure! 
In the studio I'm finding my way with several paintings, the one on the easel used to have a kite and islands in it, but I painted over that because it wasn't working for me, too much confusion at the focal here's where I am will slowly come to fruition.  I'm also working my way through a commission, which is getting near to completion.   


  1. Hi Sally,

    How wonderful that you are doing a
    retrospective. I'd love to see that.
    And the gallery's front door is definitely one of my favorite colours.

    I'd love to come and see you when I get back from New York.

    XOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. I hope your 4th Gallery at the Porch Door goes well and that your partnership with Bonnie works wonderfully! Will you be posting pics from your and Bonnie's display from Grace Hall this summer?

  3. Hi Barbara,
    come see me when you get back, would be great to catch up again!

  4. Yes Keith, thank you! I will definately post some pics of the exhibition when I get some. Thanks for the good opening day was good, thanks!


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