Thursday, May 7, 2015

Peony Pair

Peony Pair - oil on wood - 5x5 inch each
I was simply gobsmacked at the flower markets in France.  Peonies piled high on top of one another, their tight rounded heads waiting for a tiny bit of warmth and sunlight to unfold.  I was amazed at how many.  Do they really sell this many cut flowers ?? 
Peonies at the market in St. Germaine en Lays
The answer is yes. The French buy flowers for everything; a staple on the market shopping list.  They are needed for love, for decor, for gracing tables of kitchens, dining rooms, parlours and courtyards.  They say 'Welcome!', 'I love you!', 'I'm sorry' and 'Just because'.  Peonies are so classic, so timeless.
I have some in my garden in various shades of pink, white & yellow. During the month of May, they grow about 1 inch a day, until June is festooned with their gorgeousness. If I bring them inside, they always need a dowsing in the sink to get the ants off of them.


  1. Love your peony pair. Wow I would love to see flowers like that in Paris. I bought roses for my hotel room in New York. Grey is big in the decor in the hotel and I needed some colour. Your paintings would do the trick!


    1. nice to know that you buy flowers for your hotel room. flowers are such a joy. thanks Barbara. have a marvelous time


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