Wednesday, February 17, 2016

snowed in at the studio

work in progress
We had a big one yesterday! 50 cm of snow in 12 hours! By noon I couldn't open the doors to the house because the snow was knee high!  Thankfully I noticed that a friend posted on facebook that he was out and about clearing drives and let him know if anyone needed a job doing.  I piped up!  Thank you Josh! You and your buddy were awesome.  I took these pics this morning; the calm after the storm.

In the studio I worked into one of the 'starts' from the abstract workshop, developing it a little more.  I may have overdone it, but I am finding my way with this process.  I am also  finding I do not like the way the colours dry darker with acrylics.  Something I will have to learn to consider when I'm working with them.  Who knows this may get re-worked again in oils...not really sure yet, so it's on the back burner for now.

With nowhere to go because of being snowed in, I tackled the dreaded 'books' yesterday, finishing my HST return.  Turns out it's so much higher this year than others. I'm now wondering if I can un-register for the HST?  Anybody out there know about this?  Our situation will be changing this year with a move; and with that I will be closing my Gallery At The Porch Door , which is the reason I registered for HST in the first place.  I sure don't love the book-keeping, I'd love to get out of it after being 'in' for the past 5 years.

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