Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Canadian shield rock pool

watercolour - 11 x 15  -$250
Thought I'd post one of my watercolour's from the weekend workshop in Westport.   Doug Mays was  instructor and he did a marathon of 4 demonstrations throughout the weekend ranging from watercolor landscapes to florals.  We all got to paint too, and I found it relaxing and pleasurable splashing around again. (it's been a while since I got out my watercolors) This landscape feature, near Eel Bay, is a glistening little rock pool completely surrounded by mossy Canadian shield, situated high on a granite cliff.  The brilliance of the water reflecting the sky was fun to paint, and the point where I started.  I may have over-exaggerated it a bit.  The challenge for me while painting this one was to leave some whites of the paper, which is something I have gotten out of the habit of...but I feel I managed it.

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