Wednesday, June 8, 2016

exploring possibilities

My usual painting practice is rather curtailed during the process of having our house on the market, and consequently so is blogging, as any of you who may read this from time to time may notice. 

Although studio time has been disruptive, there are some advantages...the pressure is off to produce inventory for art shows which is liberating!  Instead I made a conscious decision to go with the flow and use the time I do have to explore new processes and ideas, which means experimentation and disasters too.  

Above left is something on the easel I'm working on, to show you what I'm talking about.  This is a mixed media, watercolors and oils...and I dont know entirely where I'm going with it yet, but am letting it percolate while working on other things.

I shared a special weekend with my daughter Jane in Toronto a little over a week ago, where we trekked around to view many Open Doors Toronto exhibits.  We were especially surprised and delighted to happen across an amazing contemporary art exhibit at the Monk School of Global Affairs.  The exhibit was part of the Mirvish family's private collection and it is exhibited here on a rotating basis.  What a delight that was to see!  We are standing in front of a gorgeous work by Kate Graham(it matches my outfit! ha ha)  and behind Jane is a Jack Bush painting.  It was such a treat to get to spend some time together.  Jane was just at the end of a much deserved week off after filming the 11th season of Dragons Den, where she is associate producer.


  1. Hello Sally! Great post! Glad you got to spend some time with your daughter and enjoy Toronto! Also nice to have a break from producing inventory!
    Good luck with the sale of your house. Can be stressful. Funny story for you...When we were selling our house the realtor saw all my huge wild ocean and dark cloud paintings and asked if I was the artist. Expecting a compliment I proudly said that I was. To my surprise he said the work should come down. His concern was any potential buyers may not appreciate all my "dark" and "moody" works. Anyway we took all my work down and put up some more traditional prints! I guess the realtor was right because we sold the house rather quickly! All that being said... Good luck buddy!

  2. Super post Sally. Love your experimenting and I am between shows too. It is a good feeling because I was in 8 from October until now. So I get it. Breathe right?
    Thinking of you.



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