Saturday, February 8, 2014

February days

February seems to get filled up with the jobs I dont want to do in the spring; that's because when spring will arrive I will be just DYING to be outside, puttering around the garden, and soaking up the lovely light of longer days.  So today was one of those February kind of jobs days...I've been repainting the kitchen chairs (which I've wanted to get at for 2 years!)and giving a fresh lick of paint to some of the other woodwork too.  
I started that winter landscape in Mont Tremblant,the one on the desk by the window, but haven't had a chance to get at it to complete it yet.  Hopefully there will be time tomorrow or Monday.  
Tues and Wed I will be in Montreal...I'm looking forward to it for a bit of shopping and a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts with my friend Sarah. woohoo for February get-aways.


  1. Your painting is looking great so far Sally! Very wise to save your spring days for the outdoors! You must be pining for some warmer weather by now. We've have wonderful seabreezes for the last week so it hasn't been too hot at all. Very pleasant in fact.
    Have a great time in Montreal!

  2. Super painting. I know what you mean -- I washed my tights -- I think I have 20 pairs! Now if I had 20 black dresses I'd be off to the races, and some cashmere sweaters, and the dog's bed cover. I could feel that clean it up feeling coming. Have fun in Montreal. What a great place for a winter get away. Love your work.

    XOXOXO Barbara


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