Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mont Tremblant weekend

 Mont Tremblant landscapes
I was invited to Mont Tremblant by my pal AEmilia this weekend.  She loves to ski and often spends time here.  Chatting on Monday, she asked what my schedule was like and could I come? We'll, yes!! I'm delighted for the opportunity to refresh my creative reservoir...which runs down a bit during the winter blahs that sometimes accompany this season.  The topography of another area usually inspires me and Makes me feel like painting again.

These 3 little (5x7inch) landscapes from the chalet windows were all done yesterday, and this morning, while the others were out enjoying the slopes, I started a 16x12 inch landscape which I'm still working on.  Woohoo for winter getaways!!


  1. You always astound me. How beautiful.

    XOXOXO Barbara

  2. What a lovely interlude for you Sally! Love the paintings. Did you go skiing too?

  3. Thanks Barbara, it's amazing what inspiration one can get from a change of scenery!

  4. Hi Wendy, No I didn't go skiing as well. I used to ski years ago, but dont have all the gear anymore and besides I prefer to paint in the solitude, while everyone else is gone out. I did go for a few marvelous walks up and down the hills though!


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