Monday, October 6, 2014

side step poems and collage

'Hope' - acrylic on wood -6x6
Only a month or so before the shows in November that I've signed up to participate in.  I like to take small paintings with me to these shows. I am realizing that my inventory is down considerably so the push is on to boost it and paint some small ones that will be new and different from last years selection.  I'm painting a bunch more 'mini's' and I'll also work on a bunch of 4x4's, just as soon as I get the boards prepared.  Meanwhile I was doing a side step yesterday fooling around with acrylics, collaging some poetry into small whimsical painted images... different from my usual path, but it was a fun creative thing none-the-less.  Good way to spend the rainy windy weekend tucked in my studio. 
'Wear Do You Go?' - acrylic on wood 6x6

Sometimes I wonder when I try  ideas like this if it's just way too crafty and I shouldn't show it with my other paintings, but the fact is I am a gal with a hat of many feathers and occasionally I like to wear the crafty one too. yikes...there's that word, 'craft'.  somehow its demeaning in art. why is that?  
I have only just discovered a fab show from BBC called 'Show Me the Monet'. I love it!  So fun to watch these ordinary folks/artists brave the critics to enter the exhibition and sale at the Royal College of Art in London. I've just programmed the pvr to pick it up everytime it's on, so episodes await. yay!


  1. Dear Sally - such lovely pieces. I think it is hard to say why folks think crafts are not as worthy as fine art. Both are gifts of creativity. I am glad you have many feathers - your artistic ability shines through no matter what you are creating. I love both of these works - certainly seem like art to me! Hugs - Have a great week. Thank you too for stopping by to visit me.

  2. You and I think alike. As long as our heart, mind and hands are creating something... then we experience our bliss. It may be frustrating bliss at times, but it is still what feeds our souls.
    I thought the Art and Craft movement had always been highly regarded. But I think understand what you mean, as in all areas of crafts there are examples of extreme disparities from the high skill level down to the ordinary. Your sheep made me smile...I thought, "clever!" and that's before I read your post.
    You rock - with your hat of many feathers!

  3. hi Debbie, thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate your comment. happy Thanksgiving.

  4. thanks Julie, I agree that as long as we're creating we're happy cuz we're in that bliss zone. nice to get your comment. happy painting.

  5. Hi Sally,

    I think this division between 'art' and 'craft' just happened in the last 50 years or so. Before that artists considered themselves to be working in the craft of making art.

    Love these collages. You are great!

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  6. Love these gorgeous pieces Sally! I too think that the word craft has been unfairly maligned. Whatever you like to call it I think your latest little works are very creative and artistic and will garner the respect they deserve! Love the term you used of the hat with many feathers - is it your own original term?
    Also love the title of the BBC show - very creative!

  7. hi Wendy, i cant take credit for that phrase about the hat of many feathers, it's something my mother used to say, and it's pretty common here in Canada. I'm delighted you like the little poem collage paintings. they were fun.


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