Saturday, February 7, 2015

Flowers in the Rain

Flowers in the Rain - oil on panel - 9x12
Holed up in the studio this afternoon listening to an audio book and attempting to paint the atmosphere of a rainy day. Oh rain would be so nice right about now! heh heh.  
I have simplified many of the shapes and reworked the background over and over until feeling satisfied with the overall neutrality of it. Kinda fun.  
Dave and I had a great game of crokinole this evening, and schlepped back a couple of martinis each!!! he beat the pants off me, he always does, but I never give up trying. Good fun on a snowy snowy Saturday evening.


  1. Beautiful Sally,

    It was a lovely day here -- snowy, but warm -- which seems a miracle after the freezing cold we've had. I've thought of your beautiful paintings all day.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. aww Barbara thank you for your thoughts.

  3. Beautiful painting once again, Sally! Still a lot of snow there?

  4. Hello Sally!
    I don't know where the time goes! I am so far behind on checking all my wonderful art buddies blogs and wonderful art! I love all your recent posts! Flowers in the Rain is wonderful! You certainly captured that rainy effect! You always are able to produce fantastic atmosphere and color in all your art! Another Bravo my friend!

    1. hi Michael, thanks for your thoughts on Flowers in the Rain, was challenging to try to find the atmosphere.

  5. hi Keith, o yes lots of snow!! thanks for the comment


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