Tuesday, February 10, 2015

kick start

start on the left, work in progress on right
I've been wanting to get back to painting some of my bike path theme again.  Last October I spent a couple of hours in city park photographing the light through the trees and passers by on bicycle and  foot. Of course it was all a rather undercover affair, didn't want anyone thinking I was photographing them...but it's quite easy these days, with camera phones. Half the time the people that you might be photographing are themselves absorbed in their own media devices, like the number of people I observed that day walking through the park oblivious to nature around them.  I've been thinking about these resource photos over the past few months, but couldn't decide on exactly how to get started.  
Fairfield Porter - The Dog at the Door
This week I've spent some idle hours enjoying the works of Fairfield Porter(American artist 1907-1975).  I love the simple treatment of shapes in his work, and his uncanny ability to capture the colour of light and shade in these simple shapes.  His landscapes, figures and still life all share a peaceful quality among the interesting compositions. I think it was looking at his work that inspired me this morning to make a start on a new painting.


  1. Nice post Sally! I think you use light so very well! I love these unfinished works. Looking forward to seeing them completed! i know what you mean about i-phone cameras! I use mine all the time! Always with me! Today while I was out raking the snow of my roof (more than three feet) i stopped often and photographed anything that could be a future painting! Of course we all know that just about anything could be a future painting so I took many photos! ( Because of all the snow we have had last couple of weeks I was thinking of painting a huge snow scene! Very simple! Just leave the original white canvas!!!!! Ha!
    Take care my Canadian Neighbor!

    1. hi Michael, thank you for your encouraging comments about the unfinished work. It is still looming in my studio, and I'm not quite ready to work into it again...but one of these days the time will be right, and I will have an idea and pick up the brush again with it.
      I am off to NY next week by train to treat myself to the indulgence of visiting some great galleries. excited! hope the snow lets up!

  2. I love your Bicycle paintings Sally. So peaceful, and happy.

    It's great to be inspired by another artist. I'm inspired by you.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

    1. thanks Barbara, and I am inspired by you too:)


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