Friday, March 13, 2015

lesson learned

The Gardener - watercolour
Yesterday I needed to give a watercolour demo for the workshop group, and the night before I was deliberating about what would be most useful to them.  I could choose a subject that I was fairly confidant with, that I had done several times before, or I could choose a subject I hadn't tried before and wasn't sure I could do, but that made me feel passionate.  If I don't feel at least a little passionate, I find it hard to summon up any kind of energy for painting. 
So, you guessed it I chose the second option. 

Inspiration from one of my fav shows, "Monty Don's Around the World in 80 Gardens"  was my subject... a BBC produced series featuring gardener Monty Don, leading the viewer on an exploration tour of spectacular gardens worldwide. 

Splashing on singing colour with the first wash, I could almost could hear the birds singing...things were going swimmingly!  As I continued (in my own mind, though I didn't let on) things progressed downhill from there.  The lesson I learned yesterday is that it's okay when you're students see you shows them that it happens to everybody.   As Joann (one of the participants) put it yesterday: "Nobody dies". ha ha ha.
the demo before I cropped it
-too much chaos competes with focal point


  1. Hi Sally,

    I like your demo piece. You are too hard on yourself.

    XOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. thanks Barbara...i'm never hard on my students...but I can be hyper critical of my own work! At the same time, I get super THRILLLED when I can see the work's going well.


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