Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mossy Shore

Mossy Shore - 9 x 12 -oil on panel -$195
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My cold/flu has improved a bit, so I wandered into the studio this morning, first time in about a week. Spent a while working on a larger painting that is still at a midway point.  I'm indecisive about my colour strategy for it, so I need to back off a bit, give myself more time to work it out.  

Turning my attention to something else, I spied this small panel on the shelf. Said shelf runs above the window in my studio.  It's where I put paintings(small ones)to dry or when they need to 'percolate' a bit.  This one had been percolating a number of weeks; so time for a resolution. I had thought about adding a canoe but decided against it. The real subject is the light falling on the mossy shore; I thought the canoe would compete with it too much.


  1. Hi Sally,

    I love it as is, because I get to decide what else I'd have in the scene. Right now it lets me in. I am right there.
    Thank you.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. that's a good point Barbara, something for any artist to think about when creating a painting. I'm glad you love it. thank you!

  3. It is really great already like this , but I also think it is a wonderful 'base' for anything else you would like to put in . The light is really lovely !

    1. thanks Jane for letting me know what you think. I have decided to leave it just as it is...onwards to the next painting!


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