Wednesday, March 4, 2015

workshop prep

artist desk job
Yesterday was a good day for hunkering down and working on the prep for my upcoming workshops next week. Basically I know the things I want to cover, but I like to give each class a 'handout'  with key points we'll discuss.  So that's what I was working on. The oils class is on Tues, the acrylics group on Wed, and the watercolour bunch on Thurs. The focus is on colour, and although the principles are the same the process with each medium is quite different.  I took me a while ' breaking it down' into the simplest language I could. Most of the day actually. I dont know how folks with desk jobs do it.  it's tiring! 

paintings waiting to be loaded for
Gallery on Gore, Perth, ON.
Today thank goodness we have a break in the weather and the temp has come up to 0' making the roads okay to travel on, which is a good thing as I'm heading to the gallery in Perth this morning to take them new paintings.  They've had a slow winter(no surprise) so I'm hoping things will get moving for them with spring around the corner.  My friend Sarah is going to join me for the drive, so we'll share a coffee, scone and art chat at the lovely bakery in Perth, near the gallery afterwards.



  1. When you say the temp has come UP to zero, that tells me how very cold it's been there :)

    1. hi Keith, yes it HAS been cold, but things are looking up these days:)


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