Saturday, November 14, 2015

clan of artists

Autumn in Vermont - 6 x 8" - $95
I'm guessing it's about 10 years or so since I started art blogging. I originally began on a Wordpress platform, but switched to Blogger after some hiccups I couldn't seem to solve. I am actually fairly tech challenged, but I enjoy connecting with artists around the world and seeing what they're doing.  Feels a bit like a sisterhood; well that's unfair, because there are plenty of brothers too! Let's just say it feels like a clan.  A tribe.  I get excited when someone new leaves me a comment, and I usually hop on over and link to their blog to check out what they're doing too.  

Pasture in Autumn - 6 x 8" - $95
RLAA is an organization I'm part of.  I don't get to meetings frequently, but when I do it's nice to connect with members of the clan. Yesterday we shared in group discussions in an 'art cafe' type format; discussions ranged from our art making processes, art education, art marketing experiences, and individual art philosophies. All fun and enriching. 

Next weekend, I'll be with yet another clan of artisans, to participate in the Thousand Islands Art Fair (Holly & Ivy TIarts Fair) held in Gananoque at the Arthur Child Museum.  Nov 21 / 22 - 10am -5pm.  Fourteen artists participating all under one roof will be a fun time, I'm sure.  Hope to see you there.


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  1. Hi Sally,

    I feel happy about that too. Love your work, and love that we met in the blog world before we met. XOXOXOXO Barbara


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