Thursday, November 26, 2015

Recap from the weekend

A friend came by at the Thousand Islands Art Fair on the weekend and said "Did you intentionally dress to match your paintings?"  ha ha ha!!  I hadn't even realized this when I threw on my glad rags that morning...  she took a picture of me , then I saw what she meant.
It was a very successful weekend for me, lots of people came out for the show, and I had lots of sales which was just like an early Christmas present!  Sold 5 out of 8 small panels that I had painted while in Vermont a few weeks ago. 
my set up at the show

There was a very sad and shocking end to the event though(which I didn't find out about until the next morning)...a fellow artist picking up road signs after the show was badly injured after a nasty fall  and had surgery on Monday for multiple breaks in one leg.  Her car ran over her other foot, but surprisingly it was unaffected.  A bad ending to a fun weekend art show.


  1. Sally, what a great display of your beautiful art and other creations! You look gorgeous too! Congratulations on your successful day. Sorry to hear about your fellow artist - I hope she makes a quick recovery.

    1. hi Wendy, thanks for your kind thoughts. have a wonderful December.

  2. Congratulations Sally,

    No wonder those beauties sold. And you do look like a match. Wonderful, and so sorry for your fellow artist. That is terrible.


    1. hey Barbara, hope your super duper wonder gallery opening was a big success too. Aren't we just the luckiest (and happiest) to be able to share our art in this way? Your big black and white abstracts are very impressive.


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