Saturday, January 9, 2016

Corner Steps

Corner Steps - oil on panel - 5 x 7 inch
This oil sketch is from the same place as my previous post, but a different angle.  I even used the same palette colours, but because I had a different ground colour on the panel, it has given quite a different light effect, less of a golden light than the previous one. The ground for this one was an ugly shade of naples yellow from Pabeo.  I've never really liked working with Pabeo paints, but have a few in my paint box that I'm trying to use up.  I also struggled with the cerelean blue I was using,  which is a cheap DeSerres brand.  I wont be buying any more of it.  I really love nothing better than Winsor & Newton cerelean blue, it's the creamiest one on the market and the best in my opinion.


  1. Love this Sally, you make it look so effortless! It is interesting to see how different the tones are because of the ground you used. The previous one does have a prettier golden light but this one is lovely too.

  2. hi Wendy, well we all know it's not effortless, but tis a labour of love to be sure. The one with the more golden light was painted with a light red ground...this one with a naples yellow ground.


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