Tuesday, January 19, 2016

short hiatus from 30 in 30

Peggy's Cove in Winter
Just back from Halifax where we spent some marvelous few days with Rachel, Matt & little Ella.  Needless to say I didn't paint anything for the 30 in 30 challenge while there. I didn't paint at all!
Life was full of other fun stuff, like pulling Ella in the snow in her sled(happy girl!), playing with playdoh, colouring, dancing and singing with the Wiggles, having snacks together etc etc. you get the picture. Such fun!

But today I did get into the studio and finish up a large-ish (36x30 inch)commission I've had on the go for the past month. Feels good to complete it.  I cant show you the whole thing, but here's a little snippet of the flagpole with part of the garage...it's a property commission, a rural farm property set among the trees on a hill.  Lots of green in this one... the challenge was enlivening it with a variety of warm and cool greens of contrasting values, keeping the summer sun shining.  I'm happy with the way it turned out; I think the client will be too.

I had signed up for Art Among the Ruins this year, one of my fav outdoor art events; but decided to pull out of it as it will likely coincide with the timing of moving house this year. Darn. I'm sad to miss it, but hope to participate next year.
Chickadee's - oil on wood - 4x4 inches



  1. Love the picture of Peggy's Cover and your commission close up, and the chickadees who have lately graced our feeder.


  2. Great work on the greens indeed and the color of the flag really lifts it all . And those little chickadees are just the sweetest, beautiful colors and movement !

  3. Love the snippet of the commission. I too love the greens - you are an expert with them. The chickadees are gorgeous!

    1. thanks Wendy. I appreciate everyone's comments so much, as I was feeling a little behind the eight ball with not getting the 30 in 30 done

  4. P.S. how lovely having that time with your family!


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