Monday, January 11, 2016

Lakeside Theatre

Lakeside Theatre - oil on panel - 9x12 inch
Today's oil sketch is the Thousand Islands Playhouse.  Although it's not an obvious contender to the 'Sunny Ways' theme I have going, I felt it had some relation to it in that the sun is fading in the sky and the evening holds a little excitement about what might be going on at the local waterfront theatre.  I wanted to capture the feeling of warmth and festivity, although I haven't actually added any people into the scene yet. Perhaps I will after this part dries a bit. I think a small 'gathering crowd' might be in order to give focus to the evening atmosphere.


  1. Looks great already Sally but a little crowd is a great idea too! Love how you've done the water!

  2. thanks for your encouragement Wendy. I will be adding some figures for sure.

  3. Gorgeous Sally,

    Wow I am way behind. Don't know how that happens. But what a treat to see so much wonderful work by you.



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