Friday, October 26, 2012

One of my Favourite Things

Glorious, glorious, Autumn!  It is definately one of my favourite things, not only because of it's gorgeousness, but also it is the time of year of my birthday, and the crunch of the crisp leaves under my feet brings back floods of happy memories.  This year has been particularily spectacular for autumn tree foliage due to the warm days and cool nights we've had for 2 months.  Just this evening, Barbara Muir and I were chatting about that on the we have been noticing the carpet of golden leaves under most of the trees and how when the light hits them they appear to sparkle like diamonds set in gold. 
Tomorrow I am heading to Stowe, for a week to paint and to relax with 2 of my good friends, AEmilia Jarvis, and Sherry Pringle.  Unfortunately there might not be much plein air painting happening, due to the torrential rains that are forcast for the entire week, but hey I'm not complaining.  I like doing interiors and still lifes too, and hey I'll be in Vermont !  AEmilia has invited us both as her guests at her time share cabin at the Trapp Family Resort. ...yes that's the very same Von Trapp family singers from the Sound of Music!! Cool huh?  I simply cant wait!
Autumn 'mums' in the little village of Westport

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  1. How beautiful and exciting to see our conversation in photographs. Gorgeous. So I guess this week the hills really will be alive with the sound of music. That is too cool.

    Thanks for mentioning me. You rock.

    XO Barbara


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