Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday gallery hopping

There's a fabulous  show of collages by Rebecca Cowan on at the Verb gallery in downtown Kingston right now. The Verb gallery is in the Wayfarer book store on Princess Street, at the very back of the store.  It is a delightfully bright small gallery space, perfect for a solo show of small works.  I saw it today.  I was so moved by one of the pieces in particular; a folding art book called the Chroma-do Chronicles, which couragously recounts the artists harrowing experience of brain tumour. I think the show runs until the end of October. If you can go you will be glad you did. Rebecca's work has always fascinated me, with her great eye for quirky yet sincere imagery. 
Between 2-4pm this afternoon, the Academy Gallery in Bath re-opened it's doors, with a group show opening reception. Artist and owner Janice Teare (in the black dress) showed her own body of new abstract works alongside the works of 4 other abstract artists.   The Academy gallery is really a lovely space for a show.  It used to be a school; as a matter of fact there was a gentleman at the opening today who had attended the school in his youth.  He could remember most of the teachers classrooms and even the hall area where he said he got the strap!  maybe he was only kidding...but maybe not.  Even i remember school-days when the strap was commonplace for mis-behaving children.  My own brother got it once for throwing snowballs.

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  1. Super blog. I mention you in my blog today. Not quite posted yet. I love your work, and your world view.

    XO Barbara


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