Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sail One and Sail Two

I've been working out some ideas for a larger painting -  a commission for a client.  I'm really excited about doing it because in this case there isn't any stipulations, except the subject itself, which is the client's lakeview.  I've been encouraged by the client tohave complete freedom and "have fun with it".  She's open to lots of colour and to a playful mood, so I've been doing a few small scale sketches, prepping some ideas...the results below.  I shall call them Sail One and Sail Two.  
Each is 6x8 inch and is oil on panel.

Off to Toronto tomorrow... art visits extrodinaire.  


  1. Ooooooo!!!! I love the one with the stripies!! I know how much you love them and whenever I see striped now, I think of you~ They are both really pretty~

  2. Love these beautiful water images. It was great seeing you. Thank you for visiting, and I mentioned you on my blog again.

    XO Barbara


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