Thursday, October 11, 2012

WELCOME ! County vineyards, oil paintings, Rome

Welcome!  That's for anybody coming here for the first time.  If you've visited my blog before you might notice that it has a bit of a new look.  That's because I've switched blog platforms.  Various reasons; but ultimately I'm hoping that I'll have a bit more functionality with this blog. 
Above on the left is the progress on the painting I've been working on today.  It's slower going than the previous one of the same theme. At the moment i need to let it dry,  I want to lighten the value of the shadow, but cant yet; maybe tomorrow. Patience, right?
...that's what this artist  (left) had in spades.  We came across her studio while we were meandering on back streets in Rome.  She specialized in restoring statues, mosaics, paintings and other antiquities.  I was fascinated.
 The Piazza Navona(below right), is full of artists, sort of like Paris's Montmatre. I love the fountains in Navona square...all green / blue and sparkling water gushing from massive white marble statuary.  The fountain of the 4 rivers is my favourite.

Rome is beauty, beauty everywhere you look. Even the mediterranean pine trees which dot the landscape seem to be planned by nature as perfect forms to compliment its architechture.


  1. Hi Sally,

    I love this, and have changed your blog name on my list. I was inspired by the prize. I hope this
    blogging system works well for you. It has for me.

    XO Barbara


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