Friday, August 23, 2013

40x30 commission work and Kaleidoscope

I'm working on a commission, a larger version of a painting I did a few years back.  Today I got a lot of the body colour done, and it is beginning to come together; adjusting of tones in some areas will be needed, but at the moment I cant see just what it needs...been a long day of painting. I have yet to add the seagulls too.  Working with the larger brushes is a refreshing freedom compared to the small mini's I've been fiddling around with over the past few months, though the vigorous blending and moving the paint around with them is a strain on my right arm(the one that had tennis elbow a couple of years back; it healed but still acts up when I over use it). 
This Sunday in beautiful Bloomfield, Prince Edward County, is the Kaleidoscope craft and design show, from 10am-4pm.  I'm going to be participating in it, and I will focus on showing my paintings.  I will also bring some of my craft and designs along too.  It's the last show of the summer for me; I cant believe how fast August has flown...been so busy there's hardly been any time for blog posts...heh heh...well somehow I think life will go on! Here's an image from last years Kaleidoscope in the big red barn at Fields on West Lake.


  1. Oh my goodness is it the painting in the picture? It's beautiful Sally!!

  2. Hi Sally,

    I love the painting. It was great small, and it's amazing big. How exciting. Is the show at The Fields again. I almost fainted when I saw it, because that's where my son was married. How fun!

    xoxo Barbara

  3. Hi Keith, yes, the painting is the one pictured on the easle...thank you!

  4. Hi Barbara,
    thanks! Yes the show is at Fields on West Lake in Bloomfield. What a co-incidence that your son was married there! I'm looking forward to going to it.

  5. Hi Sally, Your big picture is looking fantastic! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with an old war wound!!
    The show sounds great so good luck with your last for the season. Is that the place that Ann of Green Gables made famous? (actually that was the island wasn't it?) Can't believe what beautiful places you have within cooee of you!!

  6. Hi Wendy,
    thanks for your encouragement with the big painting, it's coming along well so I'm happy. Anne of Green Gables story takes place on Prince Edward Island which is on the east coast of Canada...the show I was in was in Prince Edward County which is on a peninsula of land jutting into Lake Ontario between Toronto and Kingston. Dont worry even Canadians get them confused! I am actually going to Prince Edward Island though in 2 weeks for a painting holiday! I hope to make some blog posts of it!


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