Wednesday, August 7, 2013

boathouse minis

My garden and life in general have been taking precedence to my painting this past week.  We had an absolutely wonderful long weekend, gorgeous weather, no real commitments, except Dave and I had some puttering and jobs around the house and garden...but we love that. We intersperse them with a capuccino on the deck, or a beer or a martini in the late afternoon. In the evening we have been challenging each other to games of Crokinole.  Usually Dave wins, but I can give him a run for his money! ha!  Yesterday I did get going again on painting some mini blocks (tiny oil paintings)to feed my desire to paint...boathouses, and dreamin of the coast, what else? ha.  
Another exciting thing for me is that I had a call from a client to ask for a commission...and guess what...she wants a larger version of Everything About It, But Nothing in Particular ...I'm really happy to oblige, as I love painting landscapes of the coast!


  1. Hi Sally,
    Pretty little paintings. Good news about the commission. I am sure you will enjoy painting a coastal landscape.

  2. hi Sarah,
    thanks for your comment. Are you painting lots these days, or lazy like me? heh

  3. i love your little boathouses. they are wonderful. i will make it over to your studio this summer. i'm really eager to see your paintings.
    i always think of crokinole as a winter game. we'd play by the fire when i was a kid. i love it!!!

  4. Super little paintings, and congratulations on the commission. I love your "Ha!". Makes me laugh. I can just see your shout of triumph when you win.

    XOXO Barbara

  5. Hi Sally,
    I have managed to paint this week besides sorting out my studio space - I even did a couple of small paintings with the rabbit theme I talked with you about. I think I am just about ready for the Womens Art Festival.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  6. Hi Sally!
    I love your mini art works! I also love the coast! These wonderful pieces are fantastic reminders why I love the seaside!

  7. Hello Anette,
    I would love you to stop in, I will show you my little patchworks with photo transfer images of my paintings that you inspired me to create!

  8. Barbara thanks for your comment and your email with anniversary wishes! It has been a very busy hectic weekend/week, but am now getting back to my regular pace, and have begun the commission.

  9. Sarah, cant wait to see you rabbit ones...its always exciting to paint ideas and see how they manifest! see you soon.

  10. Hey Michael, the seaside is a huge draw for me, and painting these little guys seems to take my imagination there when I cannot be. thanks for your comment.

  11. What a great long weekend you had!
    Love the small paintings - gorgeous as ever!Congratulations on the commission!


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