Monday, August 26, 2013

the arbor that Dave built

We have a new garden arbor on the side of our house this weekend, thanks to Dave. While I was at the art and craft show, he was sending me photo updates of its progress...we used to have an old structure in the space, but it wasn't serving it's purpose very well(too narrow) so he recreated this one with seating and open latticework on the sides. I LOVE IT!! It is a south facing position, so it will be a wonderful spot to sit in the spring sunshine with a cuppa, and ponder the garden's inspirations. 
Mr. Lincoln in my garden August 24, 2013
Today I'll plant a clematis on one side and I think maybe even a new climbing rose on the other. It feels already like we're into fall, even though it's still August.  Our yard is covered in fallen leaves, although I think it's more due to the drought we had for 2 weeks than any cold snap, but the nights have been getting cooler. 
This morning my artist friend Bonnie Brooks is taking some of her art to Quinns of Tweed, and asked me to go along for the ride. woohoo! friend+art gallery+road trip=my idea of a good time!




  1. What a beautiful garden arbor Sally. I hope you have a wonderful Monday :)

  2. Great arbor. I can picture you and Dave having iced tea and looking at your lovely garden. Say hi to Bonnie for me and enjoy your day. Hope you had a good day at the Kaleidoscope show.

  3. hi Sarah,
    thanks, we had a fun day out on Monday! Sunday at Kaleidoscope was slow for me, but a nice venue, in a beautiful area.

  4. What a clever husband you have Sally! The arbour is beautiful!

  5. Wow, it's stunning!!! Great job Dad. xo Racho

  6. Racho,
    you can try it out next time you're here, hopefully it will be covered in climbing roses.


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