Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fear of Failure

'Promise' - watercolour - sold
Bad words!  It comes to all artists, but it is one thing we can control.  When we're children we find love and acceptance by pleasing parents, teachers, friends...then later in life you find yourself painting... friends and family begin to notice and give paint to get into some shows...that acceptance always feels so good doesn't it?  That's human nature.  But those feelings of acceptance wane after time and true happiness in painting goes deeper.   
Love and respect yourself first. Try and explore what's right for you... thrill yourself with new discoveries... let yourself dive into the abyss of the might 'thunder in'(my hubby's old paratrooper expression for when your chute doesn't open) dreadfully....or you might get to a new level of understanding, and do something that really rocks your boat!  That is success in painting.  Rocking your own boat.  My mother always told me "Don't give your energy to people who make you feel bad"...turns out it's valid advice about painting for others expectations as well.(the ones who don't paint)
When you're learning painting, you have to give up the fear of failure...I mean really, why would you want to hold onto it anyway?  It's a mean girl. It makes you feel bad, like you cant do anything.  Listen to your heart.  It wants you to come out and play.  
...On another note, I'm delighted to report that my Thursday morning and afternoon Time to Paint classes are now nearly full.  One place left in each of them. 


  1. Sally this is my favorite post of yours...I love the message here. Our heart really does want us to come out and play doesn't it?

  2. Hi Sally!
    Great message! Great painting! Both lifted my spirits!
    Thank you!

  3. Hi keith, I'm glad you enjoyed the post...yes our heart does, as it is still a little kid.

  4. Hi Sally,

    Love the painting, and I was just writing something about this today for a class I'm teaching and a post I mean to do later. Wow! Right on. I love the message of going deep. It's true success in painting is "rocking your own boat." And really it's the same lesson in life isn't it. My father was a painter, who wouldn't paint outside even though he wanted to because of what the neighbours might think. He needed to quit worrying and paint for himself.

    Super blog.

    XOXO Barbara

  5. Great post Sally, I enjoyed your insights. This is a very pretty painting! Congratulations on getting such interest in your classes - I'm not at all surprised!

  6. Wow Sally - love this post. Great advise for all of those on their painting journey. Painting should make your heart sing and of course come out and play...

  7. Inspiring words Mum, very fitting. A new mantra. Love you. xoxo

  8. Hi Barbara, thanks for your comments, yes I feel sad for your dad that he didn't paint outside much if he wanted to. The generation before us had a lot to deal with when they felt compelled to keep up appearances, didn't they.

  9. Hi Wendy, glad you found it hit home. I think we all feel like this at times.

  10. Thanks Sarah...i know you love to let your heart out to play too:)

  11. Rachie!! So nice to hear from you! ooh yes its a mantra! hee hee


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