Thursday, March 6, 2014

demi Llamas

Once upon a time there was a lady who stopped into the
Gallery at the Porch Door one summer day with her friend.  Both of them bought paintings.   After chatting away to them I found out that one of the ladies, Susan W, owned a llama farm, not far from here, on Highway 38.  I was invited out to the farm to sketch and take pictures and meet the llamas.  
Yesterday I felt like painting, so printed off some of the pictures I had taken of them, got out my sketches, and began two small 6x8's:  the demi llamas...heh heh. (Oxford's Current English Dictionary: "demi: prefix for half; partly")  
It felt good to work loose and sketchy on the slick smooth surface of those little gesso-bords.  I ordered a bunch of them from Curry's online store last week, they were 12 x 16, then I got Dave to cut 3 of them down into quarters, which gives me twelve 6x8's...I prefer this size to the standard 5x7 which can be bought already precut.
This afternoon will be the last session of Time to Paint for the winter afternoon class. We'll chat about  ways to achieve harmony in painting; but mostly I want them to enjoy lots of class painting time today.


  1. Your llama paintings are gorgeous Sally!Enjoy your last winter class!
    P.S. I also posted a response to your pollywog comment.

  2. Super Llama paintings. How fun.

    XOXOXO Barbara

  3. Thanks Wendy! The last winter class was a nice one thanks


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