Thursday, March 27, 2014

What palette?

It's a question.  If you paint with acrylic paints...what kind of palette do you use for squeezing your paints onto? I bought a 'Stay-Wet' palette last year.  The instructions tell me I can leave the paint in there and put the lid on between uses and it will stay wet for the next time.  It does. But twice now I have found mold in there when I lifted the lid! yuck! Big clean out and start again. With oil paints I use paper palettes that I throw out after each use. If you paint with acrylics, what do you use?

Last week my father and I traveled by train to Montreal and met at the Queen Elizabeth hotel(where John and Yoko held their bed-in for peace in 1969) for a little winter blahs breaker excursion.  that's us enjoying drinkypoos in the bar before dinner...then we met my nephew and his girlfriend Kelly, for dinner.  Cam recently had moved to Montreal, he's an ad-man, a copywriter there. 
 The next day Dad and I went on a little visit to the biodome, we certainly enjoyed the feeling of being in a tropical rainforest, although we could have done without the noise from 15 primary school classes also visiting!


  1. Hi Sally,

    Your Dad is adorable. I use two plastic egg cartons, and wet paper towels. One is for colour and the other for whites. Marcia Burtt puts some white vinegar in the water when she spritzes her colours at the end of a session. Mine only go mouldy if I don't use them for weeks. The egg cartons have two lids that fold over one another, and I put the whole thing in a plastic bag and fold the ends under. This works most of the time. I have one egg carton that I've had for more than a year, which I have to throw out.

    Happy Painting,

    XOXOXOXOX Barbara

  2. o the egg carton idea is a fab solution! I knew you'd have some ideas...thanks Barbara!

  3. HI Sally, Beautiful photos of you all! Such a great one of you with your dad. You look gorgeous in pink!
    I use a disposable palette made of vegetable parchment. The one I use comes in an A4 pad of 50 sheets. I don't have a system to keep my paints alive, but I should look into that for when I want to paint larger works.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for the sweet comments on the photos of us all!...and also for letting me know what you use for acrylic palette.


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