Saturday, March 1, 2014

letting go

Yesterday my inner child got a playday.  It was a good day for it.  My friend Sherry came over for a paint date in my studio. (when 2 artists who normally like to paint alone decide to share some camaraderie and a painting space)  
I cut loose and worked in a very loose and free flowing manner, beginning on the canvas without pre-concieved ideas or sketches.  I have been dreaming of kites lately... don't know if it's symbolic of desire for the winds of change, but probably.(long winter)  It felt great to find a dreamy landscape in my head and just let go and find my way with it.  You can see how far I got above. I will develop the kite and the islands a little more when the paint dries a bit
I squeezed out only fun colours...ones that seemed light and airy, and different from my normal palette. Then I pinned a few inspirational images on the walls around my easle to send me in the right direction...splash!...that is me jumping in.
 It was such a freeing experience. Nothing but a vague idea of kites and a landscape.  I did a few u-turns as I went along...but thoroughly enjoyed the ride.  Sherry worked on painting and collaging while we chatted and then shared homemade soup and scones.   


  1. Oooh Sally what a great day! I wish I could have been there too! I love your whimsical painting with the kite - I know I keep saying it but you really do have a wonderful and distinctive style.
    The soup and scones sounded pretty good too! Hope you get some spring weather soon!

  2. oh Wendy...i love that you keep saying it...why is it that we artists need affirmations so much?!? But coming from other painter friends, it really means a lot. Yes wouldn't it be fun if we got together for a paint date? what fun we'd have catching up and chatting.


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