Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter weekend

Easter weekend at the Chupick's is family time.  Everyone that can get here does, and we celebrate ach year on the Saturday with the Easter Classic. That's a bolo competition in the backyard. In the evening we sit around the campfire and sing, play guitar/harmonica, and this year we were blessed with the presence of Jimin, who brought her violin to the campfire and we were blown can tell in the video by the silence of the group how gobsmacked we are by her talents!

This year, we celebrated not only Easter weekend, but we also held a co-ed baby shower for Rachel and Matt as they are expecting their first baby this year, my very first grandchild!  Rachel and Matt arrived from Halifax on Friday, and had no idea that we were planning a surprise baby shower with family and friends on Saturday afternoon. Here's a piccy of the dessert goodies, Lori made the sweet watermelon baby carriage, the pink chocolate dipped strawberries, and the cute babyface cupcakes were Holly's creation.


  1. I love how you celebrate Easter! So nice to see your friend playing the violin - beautiful! How exciting to be expecting your first grandchild!
    Loved seeing all the beautiful food too! Great post Sally!

  2. Great post, and the campfire violin is wonderful.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your comment. Yes Jimin's music was beautiful!

  4. How wonderful. Love the news! Congratulations and beautiful video too.

    Happy Belated Easter.

    XOXOXO Barbara

  5. thanks Barbara! Happy belated Easter / spring to you too!


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