Thursday, April 3, 2014

Me n Bob Ross

I brought my travel painting gear to Florida with me, which got through customs just fine in my checked baggage.  I usually use Gamblin OMS when oil painting in the studio, but I had an old Pabeo odourless min spirit jar that seemed the right size for travelling so brought that instead...big mistake!  It was so smelly I couldn't bear to work with it!  So, yesterday afternoon I set out in the car to look for an art supply store to purchase a new small jar of OMS.  turned out the only place I could find was Bob Ross's Art Workshop Studio. so I went in. Heh heh.  there was about 30 students all busy at their stations....all painting oval shaped canvas's in the Bob Ross tradition. Wow. who'd have thought?!  From the back of the studio I caught the attention of the instructor, and asked him if they had any OMS for sale as I had just arrived and needed some to get painting.  He said they only had Bob Ross Odourless Paint Thinner.  good enough I said and purchased their smallest bottle which turned out to be half a gallon!  It's  fine to work with. Think I'll take the leftover back to their studio when I leave in case they can make use of it, seems a shame to waste it.
The sun streaming in the window on the wicker chair got me excited to get painting.  It's a welcome sight after the long and chilly winter we had this year in Ontario.

Bob Ross paint thinner


  1. Lucky you. The thought of the heat down there seems wonderful. Instead of being there, I'm painting someone in a tropical setting. Warms me up just thinking of it, and of you enjoying yourself. Good for you.

    Lovely painting.

    XOXOXO Barbara

  2. I would so love to be enjoying that ocean view right about now :)

  3. Hi Barbara! The heat IS wonderful and I am totally grateful ! Thanks,

  4. Hi Keith! It has been a long cold winter hasn't it? I hope you will get some warm weather real soon,

  5. Great painting Sally! I too am longing for a bit warmer weather! Love your Bob Ross story! Our local Educational channel just showed a documentary on his life. Very interesting!
    Enjoy the warm weather!

  6. Love your laid back painting Sally, it speaks volumes of the delight you are feeling in the warmer weather. Have a great time!

  7. Yes Wendy, I am really enjoying this holiday ! Glad it comes thru in the painting. Thanks for your comment!


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