Friday, August 15, 2014

Embracing the Pivot

work in progress - By the Lakeshore
Robert & Sara Genn's Friday morning post talked about the pivot point in painting.  That point when you make a decision to try something different.  It may not look like I tried something different in the third image,because when something works it appears like it was meant to be that way all along.  It wasn't. I have struggled with this piece.  It's not completely finished yet, but at least now I like where it's going.  The light situation is more uplifting now, so I'm feeling better about that.  To arrive at it I tried two different glazes, then painted into them afterwards.  I also redesigned the for-ground tree.(it was screaming: "look at me first"; it needed a slap to shut it up! ...a slap of thick impasto opaque paint to cover it up, that is)  Adjusting the values so there isn't quite as much contrast seemed to help too.  Gee... it feels good to find that other fork in the road. I can continue on my merry way now.

"When engrossed in an undertaking that's losing thrust or promise, we face the challenge of finding the courage to make adjustments. The difference between certain misery and fresh, springing hope is having the guts to leap into the new form" - Robert Genn


  1. Beautiful painting, in all three versions! It's so fascinating to see how the mood, the time of year, the whole feeling changes with the different color light! Funny what you said about the foreground tree!

  2. Hi Katherine, thanks for your kind encouragement...its true about the light changing everything.

  3. I love watching your progress. To me every stage of this has been perfect. You are an amazing painter.



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