Thursday, August 28, 2014

Start of a New Day

Start of a New Day - oil on gessobord panel - 12 x 16"
I'm so excited to be heading to Halifax on Sunday to see my darling little grand daughter. I'm trying to work on finishing up a few pieces before I go, as I know I wont be oil painting while I'm there.  Perhaps there will be an opportunity for a little watercolour sketching, but I'm not sure...there is much cuddling and rocking to be done, and that will definately take precedence!
I resolved this painting yesterday afternoon.  It is more of a dreamscape than an urbanscape, but that's the mood I was in while working on it.  It took 2 glazes, first a raw sienna one which gave it a bit of an 'old world' feel, but was a little sombre for the mood I wanted.  So after that one dried I tried a glaze of Permanent Rose.  That gave it a definate mood of viewing the scene through 'rose coloured glasses'.  That was okay with me; I love the mood at the beginning of the day when it seems there is so much promise and all the time in the world, it cant help but be uplifting.  After the glazes dried I painted into it again using fairly muted warm tones.  When Dave came home from work he came up to the studio and looked over my shoulder as I was working on it..."I love that" he said.  He doesn't give a lot of feedback about my work, so it always means a lot coming from him.  


  1. I love that church in the painting. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to Halifax :)

  2. thank you Keith! Have a great weekend

  3. This is really a wonderful post.


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