Friday, August 1, 2014

the year of learning about roses

blooms from 'Fragrant Cloud' -tea rose
I am learning that roses are an ongoing challenge! I now have 6 different ones...2 climbers, 2 bush and 2 tea roses. 
First I noticed long thin little mushrooms growing near the base of the tea roses, which turned out to be "honey fungus"...a deadly fungus to roses. Yikes! Poor Mr. to save him?   I tried an antifungal product, then alternated with feeding and epsom salts far so good.  
A couple of days ago I noticed lots of holes in the leaves, only to turn them over and find little green caterpillars munching away on each one!  aaargh!  After a dash to the shed for my 'bug squishin glove'...I hate squishing them with my bare fingers... I was ready for battle! Those little suckers were on 2 of the tea roses and 1 of the climbers.

Mr. Lincoln
My climber, 'New Dawn' (which smells like heaven when I do get a bloom) is not doing too well either; most of it's buds are disfigured and dont open properly. I haven't figured out what's causing that, but I'm suspicious of chafer beetle. Last week I noticed that the leaves were almost all gone near the base, like they had been eaten by a hungry bug, but I couldn't find him! Confounding.

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  1. I have one surviving rose bush, and I do love roses. I had a super wide rose bush climber in the back yard. But one cold winter killed it. They seem hard to grow, but totally worth it if they do work. Good for you!

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara


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