Saturday, August 30, 2014

gallery jaunts

Paulette outside
Side Street Gallery
in Wellington
Yesterday I closed the door on the end of season 4 for my Gallery at the Porch Door.  I have mixed feelings as it's nice to get back to freedom in my afternoon's, but it also signifies summer's end. I love receiving visitors in my little gallery space and meeting new clients. It's a thrill every time I sell a painting!

Tuesday my friend Bonnie and I headed down to the charming little village of Wellington in Prince Edward County to see Paulette at Side Street Gallery.  Paulete was happy to have 4 of my  'Wine Tour'  paintings for her gallery.  I'm happy as these paintings were inspired from a trip around 'the county' and so I feel it's fitting that they be shown in a county gallery.  Side Street Gallery is a good one, easy to find and full of a varied collection of local artwork.  It was a beautiful day for a drive; Prince Edward County astounds  me, every time I go there I say "I would love to live in the county".   Well that's not about to happen as long as Dave is working it is too far to commute for him, but who knows...maybe when he retires?  Anyway, that's eon's away.  After visiting Side Street Gallery, Bonnie and I wandered over to the new construction site nearby.  A new Drake hotel is being built at the site of the former Devonshire Inn.  It's a wonderful spot, overlooking the lake with gorgeous views.  My friend Kasey is now working at 'The Drake' and so we asked if she was on premises..."yes!"...she came out for a few minutes to have a wee chat and say hello.   It all looks very exciting; she promised that after they open Sept 15, the next time we're down she would take us on a tour around to show us the new digs!
Johanne of Gallery on Gore in Perth, Ontario
some of my works
(on table and floor) that are now
at Gallery on Gore

Wednesday morning I went to Perth, where I had an appointment to meet Johanne from Gallery on Gore.  This is a brand new gallery, new owners who own the building.  It's a great location, close to the bridge over the river and on the opposite corner from a bakery, where afterwards I indulged in coffee and yummy quiche! They have been open for the summer and have had a good start; they're optimistic and enthusiastic.  That energy rubs off; although a smaller space, it's warm and welcoming.  A sign over the door, gallery lighting and a website is next.   I'm happy to be showing in Perth again, it's a great little heritage town. Gallery on Gore will show 6 of my works;  she loved the new bike path series, so that was confirming.


  1. such a sweet gallery but, the ending of summer is always hard.

  2. yes I agree Mary, the ending of summer may bring a rather dry time to the little gallery, I hope it continues and prospers though. thanks for your comment.

  3. I so enjoyed your post Sally. I can imagine how beautiful that county must be.
    I still find it strange to hear you referring to Perth, knowing it is such a different place to my Perth. I hadn't even known of its existence prior to reading about it on your blog!

  4. of course you wouldn't of known about it's exhistence is a typical small town in eastern Ontario. not exactly on the 'must see' list when traveling to Canada! by the way...if you ever want to travel to have a home base to stay...with me! all the best and happy painting.

  5. This place seems to be just awesome and I am really grateful to you for sharing it here. I am a newbie artist and that is why I am also looking for small gallery space for rent NYC for an event. Please help me with my search.


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