Friday, December 12, 2014

let the fun begin

I feel like there's a huge holiday coming up...well there is the obvious one, but I'm talking about time.  A holiday of time.  I feel like suddenly I have lots of it again, and it feels lovely.  That's me being in the present. Appreciating these moments.  Cherishing this moment while it lasts.

 I've been pretty full on this past week. After reorganizing after our artist open house on the weekend, I finally tackled the sanding and painting of an old cabinet, I had emptied in September. It's new functional purpose will be a wine glass / liquor cabinet. I finished it yesterday. 

I gotta say it's a good feeling re-purposing something. Amazing what a little paint and new hardware can do to update.  Dave also created a built-in shelf in the unused space in front of a no-longer working door frame in our living room and I painted that too. so it's been a busy few days of painting and re-coating. But it feels good to have it done now, and before Christmas.

In the studio it's time for play.  Yesterday I tried out a textile medium that you add to acrylic paint, so that you can paint on fabric and it stays soft.  I found out about this stuff from a good friend's mum I met at Thanksgiving, who had taken a fun workshop with Pipi Tustian of Tangerine Dreams Gallery in Victoria BC.  I was excited by the possibilities of trying it out.  I love textiles, I love painting, so imagine the fun!  I bought some textile medium right after our conversation, which was back in October at Thanksgiving, and it's been waiting for a little play time ever since.  So, I fooled around. No preconceived ideas of what I would make yet, just experimenting how it takes to different fabrics etc. Fun! 

So with all this time, I guess I really cant put off doing the books any longer...


  1. Love the snowman out front!! Glad to hear you are getting a little time to yourself, the fabric paint looks interesting....but those books sure dont ;)

  2. hey Hollybear...! you must be getting tres excited...just 2 more sleeps and you'll be soakin up the sunshine! so happy for you both. have an awesome honeymoon sweetie.


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