Tuesday, December 9, 2014

the spark

Artist Open House -Sunday Dec 7
Doing what we love is key. As artists doing what we love is the spice that makes work come alive; the song in our souls.  

This morning I read the new issue of Queens Quarterly that arrived in my mailbox. In it, is an article written by artist and curator Liz Wylie that elaborates on this idea.  She weighs the notion of artists(dead or alive) fame and posterity vs the artists "aliveness in that moment of creation".  She says " Our job is to live fully, and if we are artists, to bring that intensity of life to our work; we must focus on our creativity and what we are doing, not be looking over our shoulders, vying for fame and keeping an eye to posterity."  

Joy - acrylic on wood - SOLD
How true is that?! That sentence really hit a chord within me. Working in the isolation of our studios, it's easy to come off the rails, thinking we need to create for upcoming shows, a gallery, or clients. It can steal us away from our hearts desire.  The best art always happens when we are able to tap into the 'life' within us. the spark. the truth.

A Fine Day, Blue Rocks - oil on panel- SOLD
On Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful turnout for our 'Artist Open House'.  The sun shone through the floor to ceiling windows in Marga's waterfront home which we had transformed into an intimate gallery for her pottery and my paintings.  Guests mingled, sipped punch and browsed the art, and both of us had a thoroughly good time(really good sales too).  And on the topic of 'the spark in art' guess which of my paintings were the ones that sold... yep... those ones.



  1. Good for you Sally. I always see the "spark" in your work. I also think the spark comes along in so many ways. Sometimes preparing for a show is the "sparkplug" (not a mechanic so I may have this wrong), or the booster cables to get the artistic engine going.

    Love your thoughts and your paintings.


  2. hi Barbara! happy December to you! Preparing for a show can fuel production, but often it feels rushed for me.


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