Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday in December

Summer Pub Nights - The Ports - SOLD
I met the nicest couple at our artist open house, Dec 7th. I learned we had similar shared experiences, in that we lived in Victoria, Australia as did they for a time. It was so lovely having a chat with them about it.  They had come in search of my painting 'Summer Pub Nights- The Ports', which I didn't have at the show with me, but I directed them to KGSGallery where that painting was currently residing.  Yesterday I found out from Kate, the gallery manager, that the painting had sold when she was away sick.  I'm hoping that it was sold to that nice couple because it's satisfying when you learn who your painting will live with, and you really like them.

Christmas preps are in full swing, got the tree up and decorated on Sunday, doing some baking too!

I had some time yesterday in the studio working on a project I began in August but put on the back burner. It's not nearly there yet; too early to post, but I'm feeling positive about it again which is something. Meanwhile...

Good Morning Halifax poster 24 x 18" -$40
I created a poster for the east coast tourist market from my painting 'Good Morning Halifax'.  Currently  I'm approaching a popular gift shop in Halifax in which to sell the poster. (The original painting was sold to a kindred spirit for her home in Stanhope, PEI.  I'm so delighted that this painting will live in the east coast!) Fingers crossed the poster will get picked up by the gift shop.  I was born in Nova Scotia, I consider myself a NS artist, although I am currently living in Ontario.  Dave is in the process of making me an awesome rolled posters display stand, which I'll bring along with me on our trip at the end of the month.   Yes...cant wait!  We're driving out to Nova Scotia in the truck; so looking forward to some family time again, with a large dose of grandaughter on the side.


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