Monday, December 1, 2014

out of season

Call of the Loon - oil on panel - 9 x12
I know it's December 1st, so my post isn't very seasonal...but today i worked on  summer paintings, I had started this a while back and decided today was the day I would resolve it. I was listening to a nature cd while I painted called Call of the Loon...and I felt like I was right in the painting with the sound of lapping water and distance loons calling...hence the title.


  1. Hi Sally!! Lovely painting - I love the ripples in the water :)

  2. Looks lovely Mom! I like the water and green despite it being December 1st :)

  3. Hi Keith, thanks and happy you like it. Have fun with your marathon Xmas movies:)

  4. yay Holly, glad you are back in blogland with me again! it was very tranquil painting this one using my new urgo-chair!

  5. How beautiful Sally, the painting and the thought of hearing loons in summer. A fit present for a cold month. Thank you.



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