Monday, January 12, 2015


A friend of mine lost her sweet yellow lab to cancer last year. McDuff was a faithful friend; he had such a gentle disposition.  That's what I want to get across in my portrait of him.  The photo I am mostly working from shows him fresh from a dip in the lake, and his fur is wet, so kind of looks spiky, but I think I will try and soften the spiky fur as I go along. It's funny how the treatment of edges can psychologically influence our reading of the nature of something.  Spiky = tough guy, punk rocker,   Difused/blurred = warm and fuzzy/friendly.

It felt good to actually crack out the paints this afternoon and get started on this, as I've been procrastinating something awful these days!  
Ahh...that's January for me.  It's always like that.

'Nasturtiums' lumbar cushion
'Something Fishy' 16x16 cushion
I have been sidestepping my fine arts painting for other creative endeavors...knitting socks (I'm on my 2nd pair already, woohoo!) and fooling around with some textile medium, creating lively designs for cushions and possibly other functional items.  Quite fun.  Here's two of them.


  1. Beautiful Sally,

    I like everything you do.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. Wow Sally, what a BEAUTIFUL tribute to McDuff!!

  3. Awwww McDuff! I dont think you really need to soften the edges, I think what your seeing is McDuff slightly younger. At least thats what I'm seeing. I think you have captured his fresh out of the lake look perfectly. Looks like he's ready to have the ball thrown back in. :) Pillows are really cute. I love the nasturtium one...they always remind me of you. xo

  4. hi Barbara...your comments are a lovely gift. thank yoou

  5. thanks Keith. I hope McDuff's owner will recognize him when I'm finished it. I think she will.

  6. thanks Holly for leaving your thoughts on my McDuff painting. I'm glad you like it. I think Susan will too.


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