Friday, January 23, 2015

One Day March workshops

small paintings- all works in progress on the shelf in my studio

I've just scheduled three new painting workshops for March:  Focus on Colour.  Each workshop will be one full day of painting at my home studio, and the workshops are for different mediums.  March 10 is an oil painting workshop.  March 11 will be for acrylic painters, and March 12 will be for water colour painters.  The plan is to explore colour relations and colour mixing to achieve exciting and harmonious colour choices in painting.  My studio isn't huge; only 5 places in each workshop, but I find it's perfect for group learning and one on one attention. If you want more information about it, or would like to register, please go here to read more about it.
Last night Dave rigged up a little cabinet for me in my studio to hold supplies; so happy! Thanks Dave. I'm not a super clean freak or anything, but when the studio gets so cluttered, supplies taking up premium surface space, I find it difficult to keep the creative 'flow' going.  at least that's my story and i'm sticking to it. heh  This cabinet holds the jars of acrylic paint I mixed with textile fabric medium for painting on fabric.  Above are some jars and tubes of acrylics.  My oil paints and watercolours fit easily in my big map drawer which also easily stores sketch equipment, and other now I have a place for most stuff. yay!  I love seeing other artists studios, where they work and create.  Here's a link on pinterest I fould Cool Artists Studios  that's a bit of fun.  


  1. How fun it would be to join one of your painting workshops. Your small paintings are lovely. Could you sit on chairs painted with that mixture you mention?

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. Thanks Barbara, it would be fun to have your delightful sunshiny personality too! Yes definately you can sit on this fabric paint. It is fully washable, and doesn't come off. You can paint an uphostered chair...lots of info on pinterest about doing that. hey YOU could paint a portrait of yourself sitting in a favorite wing chair! that would be awesome! ha ha


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